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Testimonials from Our Most Satisfied Customers

Let Caron’s Collision Repair Center in Augusta, ME, Include You

Collision repair for vehicles is serious business, and Caron’s Collision Repair Center is Augusta’s regional professionals. We work hard on a variety of vehicle repair needs and insurance-related matters to help satisfy every customer. Let us include you among our growing list of satisfied customers by calling us at (207) 622-4191 for your collision repair needs.

“ I cannot thank Caron’s Collision enough for how wonderful my car was upon pick up – those Bragg boys really have it going on – I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Thanks so much!”

— Deborah C.

“ I’m writing to thank you for the great paint job on my car. Please forward my thanks to the painters. Awesome!”

— Margaret H.

“ Caron’s Collision Repair, Just a note to tell you how pleased I am by the great job you did on repairing my car, and the great service I received from you. Thank you for a fantastic repair job!”

 — Christopher T.

“ Just wanted to wish you all a quick note of thanks for all the very prompt, professional and quality work you recently did on my car recently. I was just so impressed with how smoothly everything went and how organized everything was. I’ve had clients of mine in car accident cases use you as an outlet for many years now and I’ll certainly keep sending them your way. Again my thanks.”

— Walt M.

“ Dear Tammy +Mike, Thank you for all your help repairing my truck. Should have sent this earlier, so please excuse the delay. Saw Leo last week and he mentioned that because of all the rust, this wouldn’t be a job Caron’s would normally tackle, So Thank You for making an exception and for all your trouble!”

— STpL

“ Dear Mike & Staff, Just wanted to thank you all for your good service. I didn’t know what to expect when I called regarding the wheels on my car. Very grateful that you protect the reputation Caron’s has established. Many thanks, a very satisfied customer”

—Pat S.